MTA Problem

I migrated a Netware server to OES11 which handles many things including a groupwise secondary domain (chsgw) and post office.
The problem is after all done I ended up with another secondary domain coqdogw in the same container as chsgw. I don't know how I managed that. coqdogw still shows up in the container it is suppose to be in but with the wrong distiquished name and no post office associated. Post Office is associated in the coqdogw that appeared. This post office and domain keep opening and closing.
What is the right way to move the coqdogw and mta back to there original containers? I tried to rename the mta that is in the correct location but no post office associated but it would not let me. I tried to move the mta that is in the wrong edirectory location to the its rightful place but it would not let me. All of the files are in the right places it is just in edirectory.