Mialbox/Library Maintenance Results???

GW 14.2.2.
2 SLES 11 boxes with MTAs, DVAs, GWIA.
8 Windows boxes with POA's.
One Windows box with WebAccess (in the DMZ).

This was working on 10-3. somehow it stopped. Admin Wasn't assigned to the Domain, not sure what happened.

DOCS say:
Select Administrator to send the results to the user defined as the GroupWise domain administrator. Select Individual users to send each user the results that pertain to his or her GroupWise user account. The CC area is a comma-delimited field used to list additional users who will receive the report. The Message box is a text area where you can provide an individualized message.

I see:

How do I get manual and scheduled maintenance events to be mailed to administrator (postmaster) again?