System Contact Folder not displayed

Morning All,

Latest version of messenger 303.

Crated a Folder "CustomerCareCentre" with all the relevant users added to it, create this is the default policy, but i notice it displays on all of the policies which is good .. BUT the Folder is not displayed on the clients contacts... even after i have restarted the agent, and users re-login .... we are busy deploying this to THOUSANDS of users .. the aim is 17k our GW count...

Any Ideas?..

BTW if i lock this is the policy settiings does this mean users wont be able to add their own folders/contacts?

AND this in the log file stil not fixed?.

B70 SPL Request (Get Other Status) [0xB106]: CN=******,OU=PWK,OU=Users,OU=POT,O=NWPG - Host is unknown to system

Kind Regards,