Printing email WITH attachments to a single pdf file

I'm running GW8 and want the ability to print or convert or export email WITH the attachments in the email to a pdf file. Idea being when we are done with a matter, we can print all those out to a pdf file or files, and then copy those over to the document archives on a NAS and get the email OUT OF THE GROUPWISE SYSTEM AND OFF OUR MAIN SERVER.

In the future if we went to look at that 5 years from now, we could without having to utilize gw to do so.

I know GW does not have that ability, is there some plugin or other software I can buy that will allow me to do this?

With GW8, you don't always get the dialog for "print attachments" for some reason, and when you do, it creates as many files as there are attachments. What I want is one pdf file per email that contains the email as the first page(s) and then the attachments to that email in the same pdf file.

A big bonus would be if I could do a shift-click and grab say 20 or 30 at a time and convert them to pdf in this manner.