Mailbox shows 1 unread message

Hi all,
i've got the annoying problem that a mailbox shows always 1 unread message which i can't find.
We use GW Client 18.0.2 -131493.
I found here in the forum similar posts from users which had the same problem but all what i've tryed of the posts did not solve the problem.
I runed a structural rebuild of the database and i also run a database check/repair.
There are also no unread sent mails, no unaccepted appointments or jobs.
Any ideas what i can try else?



  • Hello Tom,

    only for completness:

    - no filter

    - ckecked the junkmail folder

    - no mail distribution policy?

    Because here was one time a policy, which was set unintentionally...




    Hi Diethmar,

    i made now an new folder and move all mails to the folder as you recommended.

    The funny thing was that the system tooked over the unread message into the new folder,
    so i started to move the mails in 1000 mails blocks (iv'e got 20000 mails) back to the root folder until
    i saw the 1 unread marked mail in the root folder again.

    After playing a little bit with moving i found at the end the one mail which made the problem - but the mail was marked as read.

    So i mark it to unread (then i've got 2 unread mails) and marked it as read a again and then
    i've got NO unread mails….

    Very strange but at the end the problem is solved now.

    Thanks for support at all of you!



  • I know that there is a solution. However desperate users (and admins) called me more than once because of this problem. My described steps helped in most cases.

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