Verifying "Move Storage Area"-Procedure

GroupWise including the storage area is to be moved to a new server with the storage area being the first step. The old server is to be shut down in the end.

As there are a few TIDs with slightly different approaches and because the movement failed in the first run I just want to verify the correct procedure:

What failed so far is TID 10062277 (not copy but move the storage area to new server and just change the location in properties in ConsoleOne). The documents showed up in the client, but only empty documents when opening or saving. Rebuilding PO with "Fix Library" did not work. I hesitated to check "remove deleted storage area" and restored the old path in properties in ConsoleOne. Everything is now fine again.

What would you advise for the next try?




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  • Karl Kunze wrote:

    > I
    > hesitated to check "remove deleted storage area"

    Well, you didn't actually "delete" a storage area in this case, but rather you
    "moved" it. You would only "remove deleted storage area" if you indeed had
    clicked "delete" in ConsoleOne to delete the area entirely. As you were really
    only changing the location, you shouldn't need to do that step.

    What you don't say is what type of server you are moving from/to. Is this

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  • It is all (source an target) on Netware.

    Inbetween the move "succeeded". The storage area is on the new server and works fine. What I am now looking at are in my \po\gwdms-directory besides the two wanted LIB0001 and LIB0002 (with *.db-files in both) some more LIB000x-directories (3 to 6). They all contain only empty directories either (archive, docs, index), but no further files or dbs. Is there any chance to get rid of those without leaving references in nwguard or dmsh i.e.?