Library Headache

Hi all !

First Off a quick history :
a customer moved from 4.11 ( GW 55 EH ) to a seperate server for groupwise
the groupwise server got moved multiple times and is now running linux..

Fileserver01 with groupwise 5.5
this fileserver contained storage area's with libaries lets call this WHA1
after time the server got migrated to another server and called another name ( grafted prolly ) to novell 6 with groupwise 6
gwcheck is run on a regular basis and no problems where found , server is moved to a bigger storage so another name for it ..

after the 6.x to 6.5 and eventually groupwise 7
so the netware server 6.5 with groupwise 7 , was also getting too small and too old , no problems found , moved to linux and groupwise 8

now , the problems suddenly doom , in the library called WHA1 , doing a gwcheck standalone(
on the library ( following options checked )

- check library
- fix document etc ..
- check document files
- check all document security
- sync username
- reauther orphaned documents ..

now if i run this im getting the immidiate window , stating :

C081 yadaydayda ..
File name last location : \\Fileserver01\groupwise\postoffice

it should be \\Linuxserver\groupwise\blah\libaries

so either the DB"s hold a wrong path , or the postoffice has some sort of legacy stuff inside
do bare in mind that Fileserver01 was 10 years ago . i have the feeling alot of the libraries have this so i need to edit or fix it with something
anyone has an bright idea?