Failed to add LDAP directory

I have a new GW 2014 installation and am trying to configure LDAP association with eDirectory. I am using the instructions in the install guide but when I add the directory, I receive a message that states:

(from memory) Adding directory <Name> Failed.

The LDAP connection to the eDirectory server is successful when I use the SSL option (port 636). I have followed the documentation at to create the GW self-signed certificates. (the examples do not seem to include the required domain switch).

I am not quite sure what I am missing. So, if someone could please help with the following questions?

What SSL certificate do I specify in the SSL certificate box in the New Directory dialog box? Is it the new SSL certificate that is created in the GW domain directory when you use the instructions on the SSL certificates creation page ?
What log file can I use to view this error?

Because the LDAP connection test is successful, it seems as though the problem is with my GW configuration.

Thank you for any help with this