Search problems after update to GW2014

I`ve upgraded GW2012 to GW2014SP1. Everything works fine except searching e-mails. The problem is that clients are unable to find any emails at all or they can find only old emails before migration date. I`ve been runing poa with qflevel 999 for a couple of days but it didn't fix the issue. How to solve this?
  • Hi,

    Have you actually checked your log files to ensure that Quick Finder is in fact running?

    Let us know.

  • Quick Finder seems to be fine, POA console shows:
    QuickFinder Indexing: 	Enabled 
    QuickFinder Document Converter Agent: Started (3420)
    QuickFinder Indexing Base Offset (hours from Midnight): 2 Hours 0 Mins
    QuickFinder Indexing Interval: 24 Hours 0 Mins
    Quarantine Files that failed in Document Conversion: Disabled

    but there are many DFF7 errors during indexing:
    DFF7 Conversion Failed: Error [8F13] (/gw/gwpo/oftemp/gwdca/in/547876bd.tmp)

    E86D The database function 53 reported error [C042]

    GWCheck is unable to fix the issue. Please help
  • GroupWise 2014 uses only DVA for conversion. Did you set up DVA Agents and configure them during the Upgrade to 2014? Each POA needs at least one DVA associated. If possible put the DVA on a separate server (for big POAs).
    If not maybe do that and run quickfinder again.

    For the C042 you might want to run gwcheck (not when QF is running) maintenance on the affected mailboxes. If that does not help try a structural rebuild (will also trigger a full reindex).