Folder structure

So I upgraded from gw2012sp3 to gw2014sp1 (on sles11sp3 / oes11sp2)
this weekend. I have *not* done the client upgrades yet.

I notice the folder structure (A) /opt/novell/groupwise/software (still
has gw2012 install files in it) still exists.

The folder structure (B) /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/data/client
exists with the client files to upgrade via setupip.

Would there be any backlash from deleting the folder structure (A) on
my POA servers?

I'm guessing not, but I just want verification.

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  • Stevo,

    If that software directory was you software distribution directory for the previous 2012 system. According to a GW 2014 upgrade book I bought, 2014 no longer uses a Software distribution directory. What I normally do when I am unsure of a directory or files I want to remove, I rename them first. Restart systems and watch logs for a few days and eventually remove them if no issues.

    Also I'm sure you have checked your database version to make sure it is version 1400