Synchronize Group makes group empty

We migrated to 2014 back over the holiday break.

In the GW admin page, when I click on a user group, then synchronize, the group becomes empty.

When I go to the general tab it shows the cn and ou for the group. There is NO group associated in edir/ldap.

Luckily I did this to a small group, but could have been worse.

The GW groups were never actual NDS groups through all the years of running GW (since 1990).

Ideas? Suggestions? So I do not kill any more groups.

Yes I can go to a group and edit it, with out clicking synchronize, but if another admin does by accident, or on purpose, I do not want to loose large system groups.


-Larry Johnson
College of Southern Maryland
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  • Hi Larry,

    Sorry for the slow response.

    Only an "associated" group has the synchronize button in the Admin Console. Somewhere there is still some sort of association.

    I suggest that you go to one of your small groups, click on the More drop-down list, and click on Dissociate - that will remove any lurking associations. The synchronize button should no longer be there.

    Let us know how it goes.