Creating External Distribution lists

Good morning all,

I know that there have been a number of documents over the various versions of GroupWise in relation to creating a distribution list containing external users.

We have a group of board members(40) all with different email add5resses and using different service providers.

As the board members change we are changing an exported address book and requesting users to re-import the new list. etc.

Ideally I would like to be able to set this up centrally and users do not have to constantly modify address books themselves.

These accounts are not internal to the organisation and do not consume GW licences, the puspose of this list is only to create a series of distribution lists based on committeee memberships etc..

We are on GW 2014 R2 running on SLES.

can anyone please point me to a definitive TID or other document which will achieve this.?