accidently deleted GWIA !

Ok whilst doing some maintenance work to I accidentally deleted GWIA

So reinstalled GWIA

but when I started GW - I receive about 200 in the Admin/postmaster account - DF28 errors!

Domain.Po Error: DF28

Error that occurred: DF28-Failure using the 'nwcheck.db' database
Type of message: Individually tasked database maintenance
To requeue, save the last attachment to <post office path>\WPCSOUT\OFS\0

Since I did make a full backup using DB copy earlier

I stopped GW and restored

When I start GroupWise server - I received an error 200 1st time

then when I restarted GW I get a single DF28 !

Everything seems Ok - I can login to various accounts, access emails and GW Documents

how can I check everything is OK !?