Volume size

Have our primary post office on a sles11sp3 / oes11sp2 box. Currently
have just over 210 users and 20 resources on this POA. Server also
runs our primary MTA.

Volume for post office and primary domain is nss and ~200GB in size.
The mail volume on this box is down to just over 17GB free. About how
much more free space can be lost before I start seeing POA / MTA errors
due to space issues?



  • Hi Stevo,

    There is a default maintenance job scheduled on each POA which will suspend your POA when available disk space falls below x - I can't remember what the default x is but what I do know is that it is far too low for a production system.

    My disk space maintenance routine stops the processing of e-mail at 10% available disk space.

    Many years ago I got called out to a site that was not a customer of mine. They had never adjusted the default disk space maintenance job and they ran into a whole heap of issues by running out of disk space.

    My recommendation for you, based on your figures above, commission more disk space ASAP. Change your disk space maintenance job to stop message processing at about 10 GB. Just remember that you will manually need to shut the MTA down as all the messages addressed to the local POA are going to queue there and just eat up your disk space. Essentially you are facing a situation whereby your system will quite literally be non-functional.

    If possible, run an Expire/Reduce on the entire POA to remove ancient messages from all accounts.

    Good luck Stevo.

  • laurabuckley sounds like they 'said':

    > Good luck Stevo.
    > Cheers,

    So my response to laurabuckley's comment is...

    Thanks for the info. I have my top 10 users in this post office using
    probably 80GB of space on that volume, and most of these have thousands
    and thousands of emails that have *never* been read.............sigh.

    I've relayed info to my boss about this, he has relayed it to the
    biggest offenders, with pretty much no response, except from *his* boss
    who basically kind of laughs like "What am I supposed to do, delete

    Drives me crazy.

  • Stevo sounds like they 'said':

    > Good luck Stevo.
    > Cheers,

    So my response to Stevo's comment is...

    Checked again, top 8 users break the 100GB mark, other 200 users
    consuming just over 80GB............[THUD]

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