Auto-forward vs invite/delegate cross-post

I believe I found why this is happening. The individual wrote the rule so that ANY item received, would invite their 3rd party personal email.

This didn't happen with delegate (GW2012). It appears to have been replaced with invite (GW2014) that has a different behavior.

Does anybody know what the change from delegate to invite was? There must be a different RFC for it and Why was this renamed?

Also if you disable auto-forward rules at the GWIA will it also disable auto-delegates and/or auto-invites?

>>> Erich D. Flynn<> 4/1/2016 4:09 PM >>>

We are having an issue with people that have an auto-forward rule on their account.

When it forwards the message everyone sees the external email address on the To: line, even though the original sender didn't have the address in their email. The same thing occurs with appointments, it adds the individuals external address to the appointment.

We have our GWIA configured with Flat-Forward

Is this expected behavior?