How to uninstall POA and keep MTA running on Linux server?


I have a server here, running one post office and one MTA.I want to remove this empty PO. All I want on this primary server is a running MTA.

So, I want to remove the post office (POA) installed and keep the domain (MTA).

How do i manage to do that on a Linux server?

Thank you.
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  • Hi Laura.

    Thank for your fast answer!

    Yes, I found that information, but I suppose it doesn't remove all the stuff on the server, does it? May be I'm from old school, but on previous versions (like 8 for example), we would have to remove the POA agent and all references to it (even in the rcgrpwise command) manually on the server. Does GroupWise 2014 admin do all that for us?

    Thank you again :-))))