Client doesn't activate junk mail handling

Hi All

This started in the GWIA forum, but there we found out that this was not the GWIA not doing things correctly.

I have a spam filter set up in front of the GWIA (ScrollOut F1).
That together with GWIA tags mails as spam, but when it arrives in the client the properties shows

Junk Mail Handling Evaluation Results
Message is eligible for Junk Mail handling
x-spam-flag was set for this message

So it seems that the GWIA does it correctly, and marks the mail.
Then below I see this:
Junk Mail settings when this message was delivered
Junk Mail handling disabled by User
Junk List is not enabled
Junk Mail using personal address books is not enabled
Junk iCal Mail using personal address books is not enabled
Block List is not enabled

If I look in the Administration Console Client Options I see this:
Enable Junk Mail Handling (X)
Enable Junk Mail using Junk Mail Lists ( )
Enable Junk Mail using Personal Address Book ( )
Enable Junk Calendaring using Personal Address Book ( )
Auto-Delete after: (31) days (X)
Enable Blocked Mail using Block Mail Lists ( )

The client is version 14.0.1 13-11-2014. PO GroupWise Agent Build Version 14.0.1 -118418, GroupWise Agent Build Date 11-12-14, GroupWise Resource Build Date 04-07-14.
I've also tried locking the settings on domain and on user in client settings, but that didn't help.