Webacc and Datasync not honouring "REPLY TO"

First posted in GroupWise Client but saw no responses...

We are seeing a strange issue in GroupWise 2014 that we didn't see in 8. I'm wondering if you might have run into this with other GroupWise 2014 installs. We have verified on one other Groupwise 2014 install with same results.

I send an email to any of our GroupWise clients with a FROM field of no_reply@domain.ca, but a REPLY To field of a legitimate email Eg. user1@domain.ca. Once received in the GW 2014 Client, the user can hit reply and all works well. In other words the client replies to user1@domain.ca, however if the user is in Webacc and tries to reply, the To field is populated with both the no_reply@domain.ca and the user1@domain.ca, and then to make things even more confusing, if the user is in their DataSync supported device and tries to reply, the To field is only populated with the FROM no_reply@domain.ca, not the REPLY TO user1@domain.ca as it should be.

I can find nothing on Novell's knowledgebase.