GW2014 Btrfs

So a colleague of mine recently showed me this article pertaining to Btrfs (and ZFS)...

and this got me wondering, with OES11 supporting Btrfs officially from Novell would you use it for GroupWise? I understand it's still (fairly) new in the Filesystem world, however if Novell fully supports this file system why wouldn't you use it.

Just curious, and thanks for the (hopefully) lively discussion!
  • The only possibly legitimate reason would be using the snapshotting capabilities to simplify backup / revovery.

    With that said. Ewwww! Gross! Why would you want to be the one discovering the bugs at your user's expense, what is the point? What thing does BTRFS do what you actually need?

    OES 11 "supports" brtfs because SLES 11.3 supports it, its built into the kernel, and they have not created, as yet, a means to automatically chop off your finger if you use it.

    My concern would be that you discover some sort of lingering corruption issue what is noticed to late for backups to be useful. frequent GWCHECK to make sure the databases and BLOB files are consistent and not being eaten by btrfs fungus, may be a hedge against my hand wringing.

    -- Bob
  • Admittedly at this point, personally I am not using Btrfs. However with that said I have been using ZFS for several years on our backup servers and it has repeatedly saved my bacon when recovering databases our DBA's have complained "something" went wrong with.

    Probably the only production reason I'd even remotely consider using Btrfs (other than your noted ease of backup / recovery which is a very nice point!) at this point would be those wonderful re-boot windows, where you get that enjoyable fsck which on my MTA can take an hour as ours is quite large. Btrfs having online scrub removes that so I can patch / reboot and users "probably" wont even know the MTA went down.

    Considering Btrfs is actually focused on ensuring your data isn't corrupted due to *insert random cosmic event here* I would wonder why you would think Btrfs would inject something that would cause corruption. With that said I do have to admit, our previous GW8 server ran for I want to say 6, maybe even 7 years, survived more random power outages than I can count, and never once had a corrupted volume that I am aware of; and that was all on EXT3. I can honestly note counterparts whom run Exchange and have not been nearly as fortunate.

    Our current GroupWise 2014 server is also using EXT3, I am simply curious considering there are benefits to Btrfs, and EXT3 can be converted to Btrfs if those benefits are tangible and if anyone else would even consider using the file system not only now but in the future.

    Again more of a 'stir the pot' hoping for lively discussion about the possibilities vs. a 'help me I'm mired in the 7th layer of hell because I am currently using Btrfs and *random cosmic event* happened and my server melted into a small ingot of aluminum' kind of thread.

  • amginenigma wrote:

    > I understand it's still (fairly)
    > new in the Filesystem world, however if Novell fully supports this file system
    > why wouldn't you use it.

    It's not been tested at all by Novell for GW - that said, in conversations with
    development, they see no major "issues" with using it. But as I say, not at all

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