Restricting automated email forwarding


some of our users created rules in GW-client like "if there is an incoming mail, forward it to my private adress".

Is there any possibility to prevent for some clients this kind of rules from beeing executed?
Naturally I can exclude "" from being processed but this would be "too much"...

Alternatively I searched for a possibility to restrict creating rules for those clients, but I didn't find where I can do this.

  • Hi Holger,

    On your GWIA you can create a new Class of Service on the Access Control page. Add these users to this class of service. Go to the SMTP Outgoing TAB and change the Rule-Generated Messages settings.

    Please let us know how it goes.

  • Hello Laura,

    thanks for your help.

    I created a new "class of service" named "BlockForwards"
    In "SMTP-Ausgang" (=SMTP-Out?) I disabled "Weiterleitungen zulassen" (="allow forwarding"?)
    Last I enabled "BlockForwards" for an test-user.

    Now forwarding of mails doesn't work anymore, the user gets a "non deliverable"-message, its working!
    --> is it possible to avoid the message in this case?

    Then I enabled for this user a "Urlaubsregel" (="out of office - rule"?).
    I found two problems:
    - when I send a mail to this user, I only once gets an answer, writing another mail no further message will be shown
    - the mails I sent to this user will not arrive in users mailbox, they seem to be lost in space...
    --> is this a bug?

    - trying to allow mail-forwarding to the users GW-address didn't change anything

    Does restricting of mail-forwarding exclude the use of out of office rules?

  • Hi,

    Out Of Office reply will only ever respond once per sender. That's the way it's designed across almost every type of email system. So this is working as designed.

    I don't know of a way to block the undeliverable message.