GW 6.5 Server Crashed

I have a NW 65sp5 server running GW 656. I was starting to migrate the mailboxes when the server hardware crashed. I have backups of the GW files. I rebuilt the NW65sp5 into a seperate tree along with GW 656. I am restoring the files to a alternate directory on the server. What is the best way for me to get my GW 656 system back online?

1.) Remove objects of crashed server from original tree and remove eDir from Temp tree and import server into original tree?

2.) graft the GW system into the other server?

I haven't worked on GW in about 5-6 years, so any guidance would be helpful. Detailed instructions would also help me.



  • Two things:

    Where does eDirectory live? Is the crashed server your only or master replica holder? If so, you have to fix eDirectory first.

    If the crashed server has no replicas, my strategy would be to restore the data to a newly minted SLES or OES server and upgrade to GW 2012 to GW 8.0.3 - which ever lets you start with GW 6.5.6. Doing a lot of work to end up where you started is pointless. And if anything goes wrong, you have a version of GW and an OS that at least you can support.

    -- Bob