Split one Post OFfice in two parts

Hi there!

I have problems with my Poa, because I'm having problems with I/O. Despite of all,
my POA is about 250 GB and I think that it's pretty big. So I have a lot of "batch users"
that are receiving a lot of emails with low priority, and I am thinking in split my post office
in two parts:

1) personal/phyisical users (humans): my actual post office. With SAN storage (expensive)
and priority backups.

2) non humans: batch users, iScsi storage , cheap and only a backup in saturday.

The question is: I saw that there is a procedure to move an user from one post office
to another, but these users have a lot of proxy accesses and rules. These options
are saved in the move? I mean, there are rules for forward emails to users in post office 1).
Does the system relocalize these users from post office 2) in post office 1) ?

I know that the best test would test with one test user... but just in case.

Thank you all!