HTML Rendering GW 2014 R@ hp1 client

We just upgraded from GW8 to GW 2014 R2 HP1 (version 14.2.0 build 123047) on the server and all clients upgraded as well (client version is 14.2.0 12/3/2015 build 122092). Our marketing guy creates and sends e-mails from Salesforce. Before he mass mails them he sends to himself as a test. With GW8, the HTML messages always rendered correctly when you looked at them. With 2014, they all come in center justified instead of left justified. If I view the message in Gmail or Yahoo!, it views correctly. If in GW I right click on the message and choose "Open in New Window", it opens up my default browser, Firefox, and it appears to be formatted correctly (left justified). If in GW I right click on the message and choose "view source", I see the HTML code and save it as an .HTM document and open it in Chromodo (Comodo's broswer), it also renders correctly. It is only in GW 2014 client it is incorrect. If I look at it on a GW8 client, it is also correct.

So *something* in the 2014 client does not like some HTML code in the Salesforce e-mail. We have many customers who use Groupwise, so the marketing guy is very concerned the e-mails won't look correct and affect his marketing campaigns. Anyone else experiencing this?

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