Anyone using Sage 50 Accounts systems

This is one of the most popular Accounting package in the UK used by Small Business
I think Sage also sell this in the US under possibly a different name

Depends what you call "Small Business" - we have companies about 50-60 employees
using Sage 50... Of course NOT everyone in the company uses Accounts !!!

Emailing Invoices


  • Sage is so much fun.

    We have set the sage system to send via the internal webmail with our internal gwia ip (192.168.1.x) as the emailer. Need to add each machines ip address or range to the SMTP relay in groupwise. Fix the IP.

    A sent message does not land in your send mail so we cc all emails to the sage users gw account.

    We have had problems with external mail rejections as sage generates a pdf attachment.

    Note that for some reason the sage settings are set per machine so if another sage user logs in it will be the main user of that machine who will generate the email. We use a finance@ proxy to get arround this.
    I have also found that sometimes when we update sage the PC decides to lose all of the settings and we have to enter them again.

    and finally there is only outlook in the sage world, there is no other mail.

  • Yes there are issues with Sage - but I guess
    Works with Outlook
  • In article <>, Bhrt60 wrote:
    > I think Sage also sell this in the US under possibly a different name

    It is the same Sage accounting in Canada as we use it for our two person
    shop. We haven't seen any indication of any difference with our southern

    > Sage 50 has a feature to send email to users mailbox - the user can
    > check and use Resend to send it if ok...
    > Well that feature does NOT work... [Works fine with GW2012 client]

    We haven't used this feature because we append other work details, and
    at this point my partner won't let me 'mess' with her system to test
    this right now, but until then we can look closer at what path the
    messages take to understand what is happening and hopefully lead us to a
    It looks like it uses MAPI (32bit) which is supported by the GroupWise
    client (so no talk about servers for this)
    Sage 50 2015 sounds like an old version as 2017 is out. Perhaps there is
    something to check on updating that side of things. Also we see some
    things about some email functionality having been dropped in Sage 50, so
    A) it would be very useful to test with a GroupWise 2012 client
    (uninstall 2014 client first) on your current Sage systems, as that
    worked before.
    B) check with Sage if that particular feature is still a part of the
    particular package/version of theirs that you are running.

    We've been nailed by them silently dropping processing of paychecks as
    part of the base system, now need to pay $$$ as an extra service that
    just doesn't make any sense for our 24 paychecks a year. Perhaps you
    are getting hit by that sort of thing as well.

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  • We have updated to 2017 version - Functionality issue is due to changes in GW2014 NOT Sage
    I've tried with GW FTF - don't have version but it was hot off the press about 10 days ago

    NOT tried upgrading to LATEST released version of GW - (I can't see it fixing this issue if FTF didn't)

    This is a bit of a mess and not appreciated by our management NOR the customer
    Just moved client to GW 2014 because there were a couple issues with GW2012 and the client were told its NO longer supported!!!

    Problem is GW 2014 - works as before with Outlook