Address Book sorting

GroupWise 2014 (version 14.0.2)

Just a general question regarding sorting of address book fields. When viewing the global address book from the GroupWise desktop client, certain columns are sortable (such as Name, Last Name, etc). But, if other columns are added in addition to the default ones, those ones don't appear to be sortable - the option to sort by that column is greyed out.

In particular, we have an admin-defined field called "Location" that is mapped to an eDir LDAP user attribute (L). If the Location column is added, it becomes one of the columns that can't be sorted.

Is the ability to sort Address Book entries based on admin-defined LDAP attribute mappings just not possible, or am I missing something in the GroupWise admin console? As a side note, when attempting to export the global address book to a .csv file to attempt to sort by Location in Excel, the Location data is not exported to the .csv file.

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  • As a side note, I've found a workaround to sort the global address books by the various fields:
    - Filter the global address book to view only contacts
    - Highlight all the entries, and drag drop them into another empty personal address book
    - After waiting for several minutes for the address book to become responsive again, the newly created book can now be sorted by any field.

    It's not really a practical solution for all of my end-users, so any insight into this would be helpful...