Address Book issue

This is a very odd issue.

On a user using a the GroupWise 2014r2 client on a loaner PC in online mode, the user had address book corruption. The user would type in a last name to address an email message, but a different (incorrect) email address would appear. The user had the PC for less than 24 hours.

But the user would then go to the our Citrix server where we still have the GW8 client, the address book worked correctly.
My co-worker then searched the address for the user name on the loaner laptop and found the corruption and deleted the entry.

My question is I thought all of the address books are kept on the server, not the local PC.

Phil J


  • Hi Phil,

    There was quite a big change in how the how the addressing of an email works between GroupWise 8 and 2014. GroupWise 2014 introduced "relevancy". The most frequently contacted contact/contacts appears when typing in an address. In GroupWise 8 it was alphabetical [if memory serves me correctly]. This change is probably the cause of the differences you are seeing.

    Yes the address books are stored in the user database and thus on the server. However the client behaviour is different.