GroupWare Admin Library

Could someone tell me if the "GroupWise Admin Type Library" is still supported in the GroupWise 2014 client. We are looking to upgrade our GroupWise 2008 to GroupWise 2014 at our state agency but we need that library to enable automation of the Document Management profile sheet. I've installed the GroupWise 2014 trail package but I don't see that COM library listed in the references.




  • I believe everything to do with the DMS has been stripped from the GW2014 client (even though the backend still includes it), it has stopped us upgrading from 2012 since 2014 was released. Novell even managed to lose the scripting tools engineering had written to migrate libraries on bulk into Vibe, I chased them for a while but they couldn't find the code they referred to in a migration article, so there's not even a workable upgrade path for those with large DMS libraries in place :-(