GW 2014 R2 SP2 Build 126868 Install/Upgrade Issues

My support staff is having a couple of issues with the above version of GroupWise that I'm not able to recreate and it is becoming a headache to try to troubleshoot.

The first issue is related to installation. When imaging the GroupWise installer is a part of our automated base installation which is deployed using ENGL. If I'm deploying to a Windows 10 system when it gets to the GW installation the .NET 4.5 installation screen pops up and needs to be manually closed otherwise when the installation process continues GroupWise will have issues and will need to be reinstalled after imaging has completed. Since .NET is built into Windows 10 shouldn't there be a way to get it to skip this check and prompt in order to continue the installation? I am currently using the Zen package method of copying the extract_setupip_packs.cmd, setupip.en and setupip.fil files locally, extracting the packs, adding the MST file and launching the MSI (its in a doc for how to deploy GW using zen).

The other issue is with upgrading GW. My upgrade package is a Zen package that runs the gw14.2.2_client_win_multi.exe file that is downloaded from Microfocus which is set to run as a dynamic administrator. The upgrade process can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours, which is ridiculous. In the cases where the upgrade takes longer than 10 minutes, if Task Manager is pulled up you will apparently see quite a number of background processes getting launched (or at least the same one repeatedly). What can be done to consistently speed up and keep the GW updates completing in an acceptable time frame?