Rename GroupWise user, add nickname for old name, get d101

We just upgraded Saturday night to GW 2014 R2 HP1 from GW 2012 SP4. Working through minor issues and things that seem to maybe have changed.

We have 1100 users and get lots of name changes due to marriages and divorces. Our procedure for name changes has always been the following:

1. Have User logout of GW and Notify.
2. Disassociate the GW user from eDirectory user.
3. Rename eDirectory user, also change last name, make sure Full name is correct.
4. Rename GroupWise user.
5. Associate GW user with eDirectory user.
6. Add GW Nickname to user account that matches the old account.
7. Set nickname expiration for 60 days.
8. Send email to new account name and nickname to test both.

User should be be able to receive email at both accounts for up to 60 days.
We probably do 1 of these per month.

We just did one this afternoon, now on GW 2014 R2 HP1. Followed the same exact steps as above. User logs back in to GroupWise with new username, everything fine. We send email to her new account to say it's complete, and send a test email to her old account to make sure nickname is working. She gets both email messages. The one we sent to her nickname comes back "undeliverable to <NICKNAME>, D101 User not on Post Office".

She got lots of feedback from her colleagues as they sent her email to her account with the same thing, all are getting D101 undeliverables, yet she is getting the messages.

I know User Upkeep will run tonight and clear up everyone's frequent contacts and put in the correct address, but we never remember getting these D101's all day until the user upkeep runs.

Is this a new "feature" in 2014 R2? Or do we have a setting incorrect, or step above incorrect? I checked the Admin guide for user rename and for nicknames and I don't think we missed any steps.
  • Ok, here's another one we ran across today, same result as above, but different scenario. We have 4 post offices. We moved a user from one post office this morning to another post office. We sent email to that user testing the completed move. User got the email message, but we got a D101 User not on post office undeliverable message back.

    This doesn't seem to work the same way as 2012 and previous worked, or am I mistaken?

    And if you look in properties of the sent item, it shows it went to the user on the new post office correctly, but we still got an undeliverable.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  • Hi,

    Sounds to me that the move has not completed successfully. In the GroupWise Admin Console go to System and then User Move Status - what is it reporting there?

  • Anything useful in the undeliverable message by chance or in the POA logs, when sending email to a renamed user?
    There isn't any kind of setting I can think of.. Just tested this now, and works as you would expect.

    I'd suggest rebuilding the domain database (if it's secondary), and rebuild the post office database from the owning domain.