Resources to external services duplicate name

Hi there fellow GW admins!

The what:
The main issue here is that when you send e-mail from a resource to an external service it copies the resourcename into both first/lastname slots to the reciever. This doesn't really send a "professional" image from the source. I also know that this question was asked 2008 with "As designed" as answer but it's been 7 years and I figured someone must have raised the question during this time again?

The why:
We are actively trying to avoid creating users for group-accounts due to a license model that debit per user created in Novell. So I figured that using resources as shared inbox with a common name for the organization would be a great solution and it is, if it were not for this nasty little side-effect where the reciever gets the resourcename as both first and lastname.

Is there any chance this is going to be fixed because it feels like all you need is the option to add the variables as an option to a resource, GW already support the basic function for users so possibly adding the option for first/lastname on a resource seems doable but I could be way off on that one.

If not, does anyone else have a good workaround for shared e-mail that doesn't have a private account behind it?