How to find Password Authentication Errors in the log files

I have gwmonitor configured using the xml file and I invariably get notification on gwiapop3BadPassword after a couple of weeks.

I login to the gwia and see that the Password Authentication Errors in POP3 is huge.

I am sure it is just a couple of users that have wrong passwords and would like to follow up, but I can't find the corresponding info in the log files.


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  • laurabuckley;2456449 wrote:

    Have you set your GWIA logs to verbose?


    Yes they are on verbose.
    The question is what do I put in the log file filter that will bring up the records that cause the monitor to report Password authentication issues?

    On my GWIA status screen, I have

    Password Authentication Errors 3025
    When I rolled the log yesterday it was 2993 so there should be 32 lines in the log file referring to this error.

    I have tried to filter on password, error, authent, deny, none of these bring up anything.