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I've had a question about GWCheck that I've always been curious about but never asked until now.

When I manually run it using the GWCheck.exe utility and performing a Analyze/Fix Databases, why is it that in my status/log file window that I see details on messages not related to the user. What I mean is that I see blurbs similar to the following:

GWCheck is being performed on user "JSMITH"
Problem 82- Inaccessible attachment file [\\server\path\to\file]
Item Sent by: [Not JSMITH]
Item Sent on: [date/time]
Item Sent to: [Not JSMITH]
Attachment type: File

So to summarize, I'm doing the GWCheck on user JSMITH, and GWCheck throws this error at me, it is always Problem 82. Quite a number of times it is a message to/from JSMITH, but just as often it is something that they are neither the sender or recipient. I was just curious why/how this happens. I can run GWCheck Analyze multiple times in a row, or even do a Structural Rebuild and analyze again and the same records references keep popping up. Was just curious why that is. Thanks!


  • Hi,

    When you run a GWCheck against a user and have both the user and message database selected then both are checked. Remember that message databases are not user specific but rather shared among multiple users.

  • Hi,

    Further to what I said above... about the Problem 82 error message. Find, by looking at the GWCheck log file, which message database belongs to JSMITH. This would be the message database with the errors. Run a standalone GWCheck and in the entry box for User/Resource enter the name of the message db keeping in mind that it is case sensitive. Deselect Structure, check Contents, ensure to check Attachment File Check and Fix problems. Run that twice. Then take a look at see if you are still getting Problem 82 error messages.

    Please let us know how it goes.

  • In article <>, Marklar23
    > Item Sent by: [Not JSMITH]
    > Item Sent on: [date/time]
    > Item Sent to: [Not JSMITH]

    Sent To: is first person on Sent To: list, it doesn't mention whom else
    or who is CC:ed or BCC:ed (can't be bothered to? ;)

    You can run this using the POA based GWCheck as it is closer to the
    data and with less chance of any antivirus or LAN issues getting in the

    This TID addresses Problem 82 and it hasn't changed since then, though
    do keep Laura's notes in mind as well to make sure you got it.

    Letting us know how it went would be appreciated.

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