Disable global adressbook sync to private adressbooks


is it possible to disable the global adressbook sync to private adressbooks in GW?
Every night the contacts from the global adressbook overwrites the contacts from my private adressbook.

I tried to disable it at MTA - Routingresults but it doesnt worked. After the night the contacts still were overwritten from the global adressbook.

Sorry for my bad english :) if its in the wrong section, please move. anyone can help? Thanks


  • Hi,

    Welcome to the forums and thank you for your question.

    The nightly maintenance that keeps the GroupWise address book synchronised to your personal contacts is an important routine. If you disable this process then any GroupWise account renamed, deleted, etc will be out of date in your personal address book and cause issues with the sending of mail and result in errors. I'm not too sure what you disabled on your MTA but the MTA does not control this process. Perhaps give us some more detail on why you are wanting to disable this - a more detailed example of what you are wanting to achieve.

  • In article <Thelly.86i9jc@no-mx.forums.microfocus.com>, Thelly wrote:
    > Sorry for my bad english :) if its in the wrong section, please move.
    > anyone can help? Thanks

    It doesn't sound like you are not fluant in English/American, so no
    need to apologize.
    This section is the second best. Install-Setup-Admin would have been
    the ideal, but this spot is more than close enough.

    If your users are trying to add data to addressbook entries for their
    fellow system mates, then they should make a copy(not just a link) of
    the entry into their personal addressbook (vs local view of the Global
    addressbook). The challenge is that if you make a change on the system
    side such as someone changing name or other contact info, it will not
    be replicated on such a personal contact and can cause the occasional
    other issue as well.

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