GroupWise upgrade, version 6.0 to 2012

I posted this topic about a year and a half ago, but am revisiting it again for a customer site. Info:

1 server (Windows 2000)
I primary domain, 1 post office (version 6.0)
edirectory on box, no other boxes in mix, version 8.7

Want to migrate to 2012, and then 2014.

My thoughts are this:

dbcopy data over to new server
install 2012 software, C1, snapins/administration, agent software
Login to C1, check schema, update if needed, which it probably will(want be able to attach to domain at this step since not upgraded)
Upgrade agents
Login to C1, check versions,etc

Novell docs states best practice to upgrade to 2014, is to be on GW8 or 2012. It might work to take GW6 directly to 2014, but I would rather follow their docs for it. One of my questions is can you move the data over to new box, and then upgrade it just to make sure it upgrades correctly, like if I moved the data to a test box that had the 2012 software on it, but not authenticate to edirectory. Also, do my steps look correct order for accomplishing this task? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.