Unable to Add Secondary Domain

GW 14.2.2 / SLES 11 SP4

I am trying to create a secondary domain on a brand new server. The software installation gives no errors. I run the Installation console, select Add a New Domain and enter the requisite information. I get an error pop-up "Unable to add secondary domain ()" when I click Finish.

It appears that the process is partially successful - The new domain appears under the primary domain's Admin console and the domain's directory structure is fleshed out on the new server. However, the MTA fails to start and not all of the usual files appear in the domain's home directory, e.g. there's a wpdomain.db file but not wpdomain.dc and the wp... subdirectories are missing. The Admin console shows a Pending Operations, one with an ObjectID named for the new domain and Operation = Modified, and a second with a hex-character named ObjectID and Operation = Added.

The symptoms are similar to those described in post https://forums.novell.com/showthread.php/498674-Unable-to-add-secondary-domain-due-to-Certificate-error. However, /opt/novell/groupwise/certificates/ is empty until I try to add the new domain.

Any suggestions on where to look for additional troubleshooting info?