Inventory Scans

Hi All,
We have been installing groupwise 2014.2.2. clients on workstations, via either removing version 8 and installing or running the update for version 14.2.2.
The installations have been successful and the clients are working.
We run inventory scans on the workstation so we can generate reports.
We have found the reports are showing version 8 as still being installed. Checking the inventory scan of the workstation shows version 8.0.3 and 2 versions of 14.2.2.
The strange thing is that version 8 is listed as microfocus and version 14.2.2 are listed as novell. See below.
Micro Focus GroupWise 8.0.3(C:\Program Files\...\GroupWise) ARP ARP Software
Novell GroupWise for Win32 14.2.2-126868(C:\Users\...\win32) Network Groupware
Novell GroupWise for Win32 14.2.2-126868(C:\Program Files\...\GroupWise) Network Groupware

Is there a reason why version 8 is still being listed, and why are there 2 versions of 14.2.2 installed?
This make the reports being generated a waste of time as we have version 8 appearing all the time.