LDAP error 34 with GroupWise System Address Book in Outlook


I want to connect an Outlook 2016 client to the GroupWise System with ActiveSync. I follow the documentation and I connected the client, but I have problems connecting GroupWise System Address book.

I have the following configuration:

GroupWise System Name: CRISTIAN_MAIL
GroupWise Admin App: Outlook
GroupWise Domain IP Address: (I configured LDAP to the MTA on port 637 with SSL enabled)
GroupWise versión: 2014

In Outlook, I created a new Address Book using the following information:

Selected Internet Directory Service (LDAP) for the address book type
For the Server Name:
For Logon Information: cn=Outlook
Password: "password for admin app"
In More Settings > Search: o=CRISTIAN_MAIL

I restarted Outlook client, but when I tried to make a connection I have the following error:

Invalid DN syntax (34)

I tried different configurations, but I could not connect with GroupWise Address book.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Cristian,

    Just something that stands out for me... "For Logon Information: cn=Outlook". As far as I'm aware with LDAP authentication you need to provide the full name of the LDAP object being used to authenticate such as "cn=outlook,o=cristian_mail".

    It's not evident by your post if you have tried this or not.