Recommneded Upgrade from GW2014/SLES 11 to GW2018/SLES 12

I currently have a Groupwise 2014 R2 system on a SLES 11 SP4 virtual machine. I have Mobility on a separate SLES 11 SP4 virtual machine. I'm planning to upgrade to GW 2018 and SLES 12. What's the preferred way to do this?

1) Upgrade inside existing VM?

2) Build brand new SLES 12 VM and then copy over postoffice and domain data and build GW2018 from scratch?
  • KBOYLE;2479988 wrote:
    bkesting wrote:

    > So in conclusion as I'm about to do a test GW 2018
    > install..............I can just install the GW 2018 software on my
    > test SLES 12 box, don't "configure it" just yet, copy over
    > postoffice/domains from old system, and then upgrade those using the
    > GW2018 installation tool?

    More or less...

    You have the general idea but your domain and post office contain
    configuration information that refers to your existing (live?)
    GroupWise system. You want to make sure GroupWise 2018 doesn't try to
    use that information to interact with your GroupWise 2014 system.

    The best way to do that is to make sure your SLES 12 box can't talk to
    your SLES 11 box by either shutting down your SLES 11 box or by
    disconnecting your SLES 12 box from the network.

    Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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    Right.....I have my test box on an isolated network.