GW14r2 sp3

I am hoping to upgrade my GW14,2 sp2 to sp3 this weekend. I see in the downloads there is the patch file but there is also a file called

I don't see a reference to that file in the notes. Can someone tell me what it is and if I need it.

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  • hi Laura. Thanks for the heads up. I have a plan to upgrade but it is complicated. Our govt funds MS software and some Novell/MF software for schools that includes GW. Somehow somewhere the latest contract negotiations are stalled so while I have access to the software I can't get a licence key. I had read somewhere I need a key. If I don't need a key then that I could upgrade. If I go down the 2018 path I'll probably move to a new server and do a migration.


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    Hi Thomas,

    The contains the files needed for automatic client

    I need to point out that committed support for GroupWise 2014R2 all
    versions including what you are upgrading to ended at the end of June.
    You need to consider upgrading to GroupWise 18.


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  • Hi Thomas,

    GroupWise 18 does require you to have a current/active maintenance contract. To license GroupWise 18 you don't use a license key specifically but rather authenticate to the Customer Care Center (NCC) to validate your maintenance agreement.