BES10 Secure Workspace functionality on iOS and Android.


Was wondering if anyone on this forum have had any sucess with BES10 Secure Work Space with iOS and Android devices?

We have moved to BES10 (GMS2) with our BB10 devices but I was told there was some issues with keeping the work side private and its related to Groupwise or Blackberry not supporting the function based on GroupWise System So, if anyone has had sucess let me know.

Also, I would ask that if you might need this function, now or in the future, please contact Blackberry to get traction for full support for GroupWise.


See email below.

....GroupWise Analyst here at BlackBerry, I'll be glad to help you with your questions.

To answer your questions:

- The Secure Work Space applications on the iOS / Android devices will be password protected with the work space password, this is not dependent on GroupWise, so here you should be good

- Removal of the work space and deletion of work data will likewise work, this is also not dependent on GroupWise

Unfortunately for email related items (email / PIM / calendar - basically anything that GroupWise provides) is not currently supported with the Secure Work Space on iOS / Android devices. If you can refer to our compatibility guide:
you'll see in the Secure Work Space section (pages 11-12) that presently GroupWise is listed as not supported (NS).

What I have done is advise a team here internally that is keeping track of customers who have requested this functionality, I would not be able to provide any kind of ETA though on when or if it will be supported at this point, I do apologize for this.

I do know some customers have tried using it and have had various levels of success, so points I would just like to include at this point:

- You need to be on GroupWise Mobility Service 2 as opposed to the earlier Novell Data Synchronizer 1.2.5 for support with BlackBerry 10 devices and iOS / Android outside of the Secure Work Space (see page 15 in the compatibility guide). We would recommend that you be at GMS 2 if you are going to try out Secure Work Space, as it has support for ActiveSync protocol 12.1 (Data Synchronizer was at 2.5), customers have generally seen better results.

- For your eDirectory we do as of BES 10.2 support a direct LDAP integration, so you can setup an LDAP company directory and search directly in eDirectory for your users, so no Active Directory is required

- The KB34607 link that was provided that you could not reach is unfortunately only internal at this stage, the GroupWise relevant information in that article mentioned there being no support with Secure Work Space and GroupWise

- For the article KB33877 that you were able to reach I noted some outdated information in there as compared to what I'm providing you above, I have updated the article internally, the public article should be updated at some point once those changes are approved

Can you confirm your exact BES 10 version please? Is it BES 10.2.2?

If I have missed any information you were requesting please let me know, or please let me know if you need further information on this case.

Thank you