Type MA???

When we open groupwise 2014 monitor, our gateway mta shows the following:

Status Status Duration Name Type Up Time Closed Links Queued Platform Version
Normal 5 days, 21:06 Gate MA 5 days, 21:06 0 1 Linux 14.0.1 (08-12-14)

My question is what is MA? Shoudn't that be MTA? Also, the up time shows as 5 days when in actuality the Gate MTA has been up for over 35 days. Just don't know if this is an indicator of an underlying problem or that the Monitor is just reporting inaccurate information or reading the wrong agent? The reason I ask this is because it (the MA) is reporting the exact same up times as our primary domain and post office agent.......(see below)

Normal 5 days, 21:11 ourdom MTA 5 days, 21:11 0 0 Linux 14.0.1 (08-12-14)
Normal 5 days, 21:11 ourpo.ourdom POA 5 days, 21:11 N/A N/A Linux 14.0.1 (08-12-14)