FYI Mailbox not syncing but everything else works

Today I was working on a user's account who could not get any new emails to the device. Contacts sync, Calendar syncs, but emails did not (only checked Mailbox not subfolders.) User could send emails fine.

Tried a lot of things including changing groupwise connector user settings to not sync Mail, save, then turn it back on. Deleting and recreating the account. Every time I recreated the account I would get all emails up to that point but after that nothing would come through to the server. Pending mail would not increase in Mobility monitor.

The only odd thing I was seeing is this in the groupwise-Appinterface log
2010-11-09 15:10:57.295 WARNING_VERBOSE [Thread-23] [gwconnectorlogic:187] [userID:] [eventID:] [objectID:] [] Was notified of events for user bfransma, but none were present!

The problem was the user had Mailbox and many other cabinets etc in the Work in Progress folder. I moved the Mailbox etc back to Home and then had to delete and recreate the account on the datasync server.

  • netzis wrote:

    > The problem was the user had Mailbox and many other cabinets etc in the Work
    > in Progress folder.

    So, this is weird. I moved my mailbox under Work in Progress, fully expecting
    it to immediately stop working, but it's still working (also iOS4.1). I've
    received new mail, deleted mail from the master and had it delete on the phone,
    deleted mail on the phone and had it delete on the master. Moved mail to other
    folders from the mailbox etc. I can't get it to fail.

    The only thing different I guess is that my account existed already. I.e., I
    guess it's likely that your user had the mailbox under WIP before you ever added
    him to Mobility. I'll have to check that later and see if I can duplicate it.

    Of course I really WANT to be able to duplicate it, because otherwise it gets
    harder to fix.

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  • I don't know exactly how it was structured because it was really messy. Not just Mailbox under WIP, I will check from a backup and get back to you end of next week.
    The user definitely had the bad folder structure before the account was created on Mobility and it was never in a working state.
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