No Multi-User Calendar in WebAccess

We are using GW 2012 and looking at the possibility of eliminating the client in favor of WebAccess for all users.

One issue that I've run into is that we cannot view multiple calendars via the multi-user function while in WebAccess. It works perfectly fine in the client.

When I log into my mailbox and click the calendar button, my only option under the "Calendars" box is "Calendar" which is my own. No others display. I can proxy, via WebAccess, into the other calendar with no issues.

I've looked through the threads here, and performed a few internet searches with no results. From the documentation it does appear that Multi-User is available, or supposed to be, when in WebAccess.

Our GW system (MTA, GWIA, WebAccess) is running on SLES10/OES2 with multiple post offices running on SLES10 or 11.

Thanks for any pointers you may have!