Problem 82- Inaccessible attachment file

I am running GW2014 SP! in an OES box with latest updates as well.

I have one user who gets reported:

Correctable conditions encountered:
---- -------------------------------------------------- -----
67 Outdated execution records.(notify/alarm).......... 2
82 Inaccessible attachment files...................... 4

It says the 4 items are 'correctable' but does not seen to correct them. This is causing a downstream problem with GWAVA Retain. Retain hits that user and tries to get the attchment but gets and error. When we put in GWAVA the item to ignore error 82 it gets a little farther ...seems to bypass getting the stachement but still GWAVA seems to ask Grouwpise for the item size. And that reports and error. This user then is not being archive then in GWAVA. GWAVA support says is is a Groupwise issue.