GroupWise 2012 POA Agent Log Files restart about every min

I have a GroupWise 2012 POA Agent running on Linux (12.0.2-108211) whose log files are rolling over about every minute or so. It appears that the HA agent is "restarting" the POA and causing the roll over. I state this based entirely on the timing of the roll over.

When I go to the server and run a status on the GroupWise Agents, the POA says unused. I have done searches on this "issue," but the case in the gwha.conf file is correct and hasn't changed. I have only been here for a 6 weeks and am unsure how long this has been going on.

A ps -eaf | grep poa shows the agent has been running since the last reboot of the server on Oct 25th so I know the HA isn't actually restarting the POA.

What am I missing?