Migrating to Groupwise 8 / Windows

Hello all ,

a company wants to migrate their current gw8 suse10 , edir 8 to a windows platform , the reason for this is the windows server has applications needed to communicate with groupwise
the company has 20 libraries and they need to be accessable aswell .. then upgrade to 2012

in this company there is 1 edirectory , 2 Linux servers , and 1 netware 6.5 box
in general 1 of the Linux servers holding the Gw servers must be migrated to windows 2003/2008

in the past i have migrated , to Linux , netware .. but never to windows
i assume the following path :

- copy all data from Linux to Windows
- install groupwise software

now comes the question , the tree/edir will remain the same ( usually i graft this to a different tree) .. i think in this case it will be easier ?
any advice ? ( besides staying on Linux )