Gw8 to 2014 upgrade - PO won't update HELP!

We've just migrated our GW8 system (NW6.5) over to GW2014. The primary domain came over first, upgraded, then loaded. Showed 2014 as the version straight away. Seemed OK, so then upgraded the PO that hangs off it. Loaded the PO, but the domain showed the link closed. Realised it's because the NW6.5 system had direct PO links, so changed them to TCPIP. Restarted the PO and the MTA web console still shows PO link closed with "Missing or incomplete address information" as the reason.

Any tips gratefully appreciated! I'm in the UK so if I got a quick reply to this that would be SUPERB!

Thanks, Alan
  • Hi Alan,

    In the Admin Console, go to your Domain (not MTA). When you are viewing the properties of your Domain on the Objects tab, second from the bottom on the left-hand side is Post Office Links. Are you 100% sure that the link information displayed there is correct? Ensure that it is set to TCP/IP with the correct IP Address and port numbers. On that screen you can click on the Post Office to bring up the "Edit Post Office Link" dialog box. I'm sorry if you've already done this, but we just want to double-check before we go into more detailed troubleshooting.

    Many thanks.

  • Many thanks Laura, yes, I did this, and to be honest the port numbers auto-filled as soon as I selected IP.
    THAT SAID... It's now working, I had a consultant on this problem too, and to be fair I'm not sure who sorted it - me or him! There was a reboot inbetween all that too for good measure, and I suppose time is a great healer too - It might just of been taking it's time?
    We did bring the secondary domain online too before resolving that PO connectivity issue, maybe it was happier when it saw that back online as well? I don't really know which of the many operations was the solution!
    Thanks again for the reply though, nice to know there is still activity on the forums - I will sure need them at some point!
  • Hi

    :) As long as you have solved your challenge. My hunch would be the reboot resolved your problem. That would flush stale information from the agents :)

    Just by the way, the GroupWise forums are quite well "patrolled" by a number of knowledgeable people so feel free to post your questions here at any time.