POA Problem

My weekly maintenance gwcheck has reported back an issue I've not seen

Checking for message databases that are not active

Problem 91- Database ngwdfr.db in Store Catalog(ngwguard.db) but not
found on disk

What needs done to resolve this issue? Running gw2012sp2 on sles11sp3
/ oes11sp2.



  • Hi Stevo,

    The ngwdfr.db is where deferred messages are stored. Not too sure why yours is missing.

    There are couple of things that you could do....

    Firstly, seeing as the ngwguard.db is cached at POA startup you could try to simply shutdown the POA and once cleanly exited, start it up again and see if the problem continues.

    If that doesn't work you could try the following to completely drop the deferred message database, but NOTE you will lose all deferred messages and user move verification:

    1. Execute Software Distribution Directory\admin\utility\gwcheck\gwcheck.exe
    2. Database Type - Post Office | Database Path - pathToPostOfficeDirectory | Post Office Name - Enter the Post Office Name as it appears in ConsoleOne
    3. Object Type - User / Resource
    4. Type NGWDFR.DB in the Object Type
    5. Action - Structural Rebuild
    6. Click Run
    7. We should see an error message stating that NGWDFR.DB is dropped from the Guardian.

    Note: You will lose any delayed messages and verification that all moves have been completed. NGWDFR.DB will be recreated automatically when the next delayed delivery message is sent, or when the next user is moved.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Well, simply exiting and restarting the POA did not help. So, did the
    other steps, got the error about the missing db and it getting dropped.

    Afterwards, ran another gwcheck, no problem 91 this time.


  • Hi Stevo,

    Pleasure is all mine. Glad that we managed to resolve your issue :)