Audit Log for Calendar of One user

We have a customer reporting all manner of issues with his GW Calendar. The
company he works for uses calendars more than any other customer we have.

They have had nothing but trouble since v2012 and we have worked through
some of those issues which were bugs, and others, we have struggled to get

One user in particular is very vocal and reports issues with GW Client and
Webaccess he says he never has when he uses another companies Exchange

Things like Appointments randomly disappearing, edits made to appointment
receipients not being reflected in either his or others calendars (esp if
those are external contacts running Exchange most likely).

I have never seen GroupWise remove an entry from a calendar on it's on, and
never seen it reported either.

Is there a way to have a logging configured to show every action taken on a
users calendar?

Something like:

1/1/2018 10AM User1 creates appointment for 1/2/2018 at 10am for User1
(Internal), User2 (External), User 3 (External), User 4(Internal)
1/1/2018 10:10AM User 4 Declines Appointment (message for decline)
1/1/2018 10:12AM User 4 Edits time to 11am, includes USER 4

Etc ?

This customer is very close to pulling the Pin on GW in their organization
as a result of all the GW related issues they seem to have, but Calendar
being the main one.