GWM archive viewable offline?

I need to take the contents of a GW Messaging system and make the contents available offline. Basically the whole messaging system was used temporarily for a project. Now the project has concluded and we will dismantle the infrastructure, but we need to keep the messages for posterity and for legal reasons. Does anyone know how to keep all the messages in an easy-to-access format (without printing them all.. it would need a whole forest)

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  • On 3/9/2010 12:27 AM, Dave Parkes wrote:
    > Didn't realise that worked with the instant messaging stuff as well as
    > the normal GW messages
    > Cheers Dave

    Oh god, you really have been catching me being a moron lately Dave :)

    I didn't notice this was in GW Messenger (and just read GW Messaging as
    Groupwise in general)

    You are correct, I'm not aware of any offline archive storage available
    for GW Messenger.